Shelley Kates - Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Additional Information

In alignment with our mission statement:  "Through evidence based  knowledge, the MeSRC is committed to respiratory health and education  for professionals, patients, families and the public throughout the  state of Maine."  And to honor the work and dedication of one of our respected colleagues, the Shelley Kates-Wilson Memorial Scholarship was established.  The MeSRC offers this scholarship to respiratory  therapists who are continuing their education in respiratory care training who has demonstrated commitment to the highest standards in  respiratory care and to public health. 

Scholarship amounts will be $500.00 and will be awarded to a varying number of applicants. 
A respiratory therapist may apply more than once. 
Scholarships will be presented to the selected therapist.

Please Mail Applications to:

Bobbie Crockett, RRT
PO Box 76
Monson, ME 04464