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#TakeAction Campaign starts today! We need all your help, family, neighbors and colleagues in kicking off our three-day lobby blast. We want to send as many messages as possible to our congressional leaders during this quick campaign.

You’ll find new messages the TAKE ACTION page that let your representatives know we have national organizations supporting the bill.* If your representative has already co-sponsored the bill, it is still very important to TAKE ACTION because when you enter your information it will bring up a Thank You message to send rather than a message asking for support.
* The AARC TAKE ACTION page and links to the page are live this Monday, August 19 morning.

Away from the computer?
Let your smartphone do the work! Text the word BREATHE to 528-86 and it will bring up a link to AARC’s TAKE ACTION Page and the message center as though you had accessed it from our website.

Have you taken action today?

More information:

ASK - Representatives in the House to become a co-sponsor of HR 2508
THANK - Representatives in the House who are already a co-sponsor of HR 2508 (very intuitive of us).
TARGET - 14 Senators in 13 States who were identified as proponents of a companion bill to HR 2508 in the Senate and Key Senators in committees to INCLUDE the language of HR 2508 into the reintroduction of the CONNECT for Health Act that was introduced in both the House and Senate last year.  (NOTE: if you're not from DE, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, MD, MS, OH, OR, PA, SD, and VA, there will not be a "Senate Message Sent")
State affiliates are encouraged to get information pre-staged on their websites for Monday (please note the links from the action center and the ones on our advocacy platform will not be live before Monday early in the morning, so do not put this information up early)    Link to map which will be live Monday   Link to campaign which will be live on Monday
Even though this is a three day campaign, the site will remain active until the first body introduces a CONNECT for Health Act.  You can imagine that after the CONNECT act gets reintroduced...yup, you guessed it that stuff is getting pre-staged and worked on as Post-CONNECT 2.0
Please contact your states via e-mail to make sure they saw the information on the PACT or HOD/President's AARConnect that I'm going to send out after you receive this.  Also make sure to read the "News Now" blast that will be out at about 4PM today.

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