Maine Society for Respiratory Care

Do you work in Pulmonary Rehab?
Do you know someone who does?

Then you may want to take a look at the AARC's Pulmonary Rehab Toolkit.

The Toolkit, developed by AARC, AACVPR, ACCP, ATS and NAMDRC, is an educational
resource designed to aid respiratory therapists, PR program directors, hospital
charge masters and financial directors with the information and examples they need
to accurately establish the charges for their PR programs when they bill Medicare.

We believe the only solution to addressing the recent payment reduction programs experienced at the beginning of the year is to help hospitals understand where they went wrong when they submitted claims data to Medicare after the new PR code G0424 was established. Currently the payment rate for PR programs has been dramatically reduced due to hospitals’ not understanding how to account for the service charges under a new bundled code that were previously billed separately.

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